Ithaca by Alan McMonagle


My review of Alan McMonagle’s debut novel Ithaca (Picador) appears in today’s Sunday Business Post Magazine. It’s behind the iron paywall, I’m afraid, but here’s a short excerpt:

Ithaca is set in a small town, “slap-bang in the middle of the country, miles from anywhere, and built inside a hole made out of bog.” The year is 2009 – “the summer after all the money disappeared.” There are ghost estates, “empty spaces, idle offices, unfinished apartments, the paint flaking away, gaps in the windowless walls, whistles of wind trying to escape out of them and into the street” […] Ithaca is a solidly conventional novel that fits a little too comfortably into the established canons of Irish fiction. We’ve been here before – but that certainly doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the trip.


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